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If you had a special power, would you hide it or share it with the world, and why?

If I had a special power, I would hide it from the rest of the world. A special power equals having major responsibility since other people would view your power as something to benefit/terrorize the world with. 

But whose to say what actually benefits the world?

Thorfinn knew challenging Askeladd was bad idea; especially after the death of Bjorn. He just couldn’t help himself.

Loss of Control:

“Come. I’ll play with you.” Askeladd’s words, spoken so quietly, seemed to have been shouted in Thorfinn’s ears. He didn’t know why he was challenging Askeladd now, when his shoulder was still broken, but Thorfinn had been around the half Welsh, half Danish Viking for ten years; he would be damned if he couldn’t tell when something was off. 

Thorfinn readied his stance, amidst his confidence at finally killing his father’s murderer, there was a large part of him that was screaming at him to surrender and not fight today. Not after Askeladd had just killed Bjorn, the one person that Askeladd was closest to.

‘Shit…He’s not his usual self.’ Thorfinn’s conscious was now fully acknowledging that he had absolutely no chance in this fight. Askeladd was not only completely serious, he was furious and that would not bode well for Thorfinn.

Dimly, Thorfinn heard Thorkell and Canute speak about betting on the outcome of the fight.

‘It’s not going to be necessary, I’m sure Thorkell already knows. He’s a warrior, and can read the tension.’ His thoughts were confirmed only moments later.

“What’s wrong, Thorfinn?” Askeladd spat out. Oh, Thorfinn was sure, that to everyone else, Askeladd’s words sounded like a taunt…but Thorfinn could almost feel the anger oozing out of his lips. His loss of his crew plus Bjorn had affected actually affected him and Thorfinn knew he was going to have to be the scapegoat to work off Askeladd’s anger. It wouldn’t have been the first time a Viking had taken advantage of Thorfinn’s small size to relieve their anger. There would be instances when Thorfinn was younger and Askeladd and Bjorn would have been away from camp, the other Vikings would gang up on Thorfinn and restrain him before brutally using him as some sort of training device.

“Come on. I want to get this over with before it starts snowing harder.” Askeladd’s words brought Thorfinn out of his memories, those days where Askeladd would find his crew in a merry mood after leaving to secure a new job or get more supplies, and then stumble upon Thorfinn hiding in a corner, binding his wounds to the best of his ability.

The teenager pointed his dagger that was bandaged in his right hand at the man he had sworn vengeance against.

“Guess it can’t be helped, then.” Askeladd muttered. Thorfinn watched as he threw his sword away from him and opened his arms wide in a taunting, overconfidence pose.

“There, I’ve made it easier for you, right?” Placing his hands in some strange grappling stance, Askeladd looked gleeful at the prospect of beating someone to a pulp just to relieve his anger. “I don’t even need a weapon to fight you. Come one kid.”

Thorfinn was not happy about being used like before, but what choice did he have? If he fight Askeladd now, then later Askeladd would get fidgety and restless and he might seek out Thorfinn like the other Vikings who were a part of his crew. Thorfinn had seen it happen personally from most of the Vikings that he traveled with. It wouldn’t be much of a fight if that happened, but if Thorfinn fought him here and now; he would still have some of his pride intact. Maybe.

Thorfinn felt a rush of wild desperation fill him, and it was through feeling that despondent sensation in which Thorfinn found himself rushing towards Askeladd with no plans of survival in mind.

So he wasn’t very surprised when Askeladd grabbed his arms easily and exclaimed, “See?” to Thorfinn in a mocking tone. The Son of Thors may have allowed himself to be a sacrificing idiot, but his body still possessed survival instincts. It was not going to allow Thorfinn to be in combat without defending as much as possible. His left knee shot up, aiming towards solar plexus, and it was simply blocked by Askeladd’s leg before Askeladd gave a crushing head bash to Thorfinn’s skull. Black spots raced around Thorfinn’s vision as he felt his body drop and he instinctively caught himself from falling onto his back, and swinging back around to punch Askeladd in the face.

The next thing he knew, there was a crushing blow to his ribs, followed with what could only be described as a hailing of blows on his head and chest. During the onslaught, Thorfinn caught sight of Askeladd’s face only once, for a brief moment when Askeladd gripped his hair tightly to lift him closer to the former Captain’s eye level, and what he saw terrified him. Askeladd had a face impassive boredom, no doubt an act for the other two witnesses to the slaughter. But Thorfinn could see the joy and the gleefulness of having an outlet for his controlled emotions in Askeladd’s eyes.

‘For all that he claims for hating the Danes, he is exactly the same as them.’ Thorfinn thought through his haze, just as Askeladd delivered a pounding blow directly to the side of his head and the world went completely black.

Askeladd was infuriated. The one person he could have called a friend in his entire lifetime was dead by his own hands, and now the blonde brat had the gall to challenge him, with one arm broken as it was. How exasperating his life had become, with having to deal with the Danes, Vikings no less, that he absolutely loathed with every fiber of his being, now saving the Prince of the fucking Danes himself back to his home territory, Thorkell, and of course, the kid that hadn’t left his crew for the sole purpose of trying to kill him. But he was a warrior, and if Thorfinn wanted to fight him when he was in a bad mood, then he wasn’t going to stop the brat. Thor knows he needed something to take his frustrations out on. He didn’t want to fight with a sword, Askeladd wanted to feel the flesh bruise beneath his punches, experience the skin splitting because of his fists, and relish in the blood that Thorfinn would spill all because of him.

Askeladd would admit to himself, he had lost control when beating on Thorfinn; he had not expected to loose power over his emotions. The only saving grace he could thank was that his facial emotions had stayed relatively impersonal; as if he was only doing this to satisfy Thorfinn’s need for a fight, and not because he was thoroughly enjoying himself. When he grabbed Thorfinn by the hair to punch him, for some reason the expression in Thorfinn’s eyes eluded him. He wasn’t being his usual defiant, stupid, and strong self. There was something else present in those young eyes.

“You just don’t learn do you?” Stupid brat and his absolutely stubborn pig headiness qualities. “I’m starting to get tired of this.” He said staring at the motionless form lying in the snow. He must have said something else, but for the life of him, could not remember what it was that he said. Askeladd just had this exultant rush flowing through the blood in his veins that was wonderful. He had forgotten how much fighting with his bare hands had felt like he was eating the Ambrosia bread of the Greek Gods. Before he knew what it was that he was doing, his foot was pressing into the small of Thorfinn’s back. Prince Canute’s voice was screaming something at him, but his voice was muffled and Askeladd barely even heard the sound. He had picked up his sword somehow, he didn’t remember, didn’t want to remember. Remembering meant coming back fully to reality, to leave his moment of paradise, and he didn’t want that. The sword in his hand found it’s way over the prone form of Thorfinn, and Askeladd stood proudly, like the Roman gladiators of the past, ready to end his prey’s life.

“I am having the greatest day of my fucking life, today.” Is what Askeladd thought, he might have said it out loud, but he wasn’t sure.

“STOP!” Prince Canute’s voice was finally loud enough to bring Askeladd back into his own mind, back to the snowy plain, away from the gladiator stadium that Askeladd had conjured up in his mind. He brought the sword down to land beside Thorfinn’s head, and raised his eyes to see Prince Canute running towards the former fighting duo yelling something to defend Thorfinn’s life. He couldn’t stay near the two brats, he was fighting and should have finished his opponent, no matter how weak he was; Askeladd didn’t want to stop until his enemy was dead. On his short walk away, Askeladd realized something: he had completely lost control. He had become like Bjorn when he had one of his berserk mushrooms and relished in the power of life and death it had bestowed on him.

‘Is this how Thorkell feels all of the time? This loss of control, but the amazing rush that comes along with it?’

“Thorfinn! Hey, Thorfinn!” Canute’s voice was what brought Thorfinn back to the realm of the conscious. Once he had regained his bearings, Thorfinn wildly looked around, searching for Askeladd, seeing if he had calmed down, wondering if that had been enough of a session for Askeladd.

“You were knocked unconscious. He would have dealt the finishing blow.” Canute’s voice grated on Thorfinn’s ears: didn’t he know that that wasn’t the case at all? That Askeladd wouldn’t have had killed him just like that without further blows? He was the last of a crew that Askeladd loathed; he was the last remain of a past that Askeladd would love nothing better to do than to torture until he vanished. Askeladd was much more cunning than just any other simple warrior or Viking, and Thorfinn was fully aware of it.

Afterwards, after the story of his past and after he had regained complete and perfect control of his emotions, Askeladd went for walk while Thorkell and Canute sat at their camp. Thorfinn had vanished right after Askeladd had finished speaking, and no one had seen him for all of the hours since then.

As Askeladd walked among the falling snow, the image of Thorfinn and that foreign look in his eyes haunted his mind. Could it really be that hard to identify an emotion in someone he had known for years, especially since he Askeladd prided himself on reading people accurately? And, Thorfinn hadn’t put up much of a fight, which was strange. Usually, he would be all over the place, making it slightly difficult to continuously hold him, even if he had an injury. It was like he had resigned himself to the fact that Askeladd had actually wanted to take out his frustrations…

With a jolt, Askeladd knew he had his answer.

Walking towards the only nearby trees, Askeladd had to struggle to see Thorfinn’s shadow up on a high branch of a tree that had a slight cover from the falling snow.

“Thorfinn.” Askeladd called into the tree. “You let yourself be beaten without much of a fight.”

Askeladd took the silence as a confirmation to his suspicions.

“The other crew members would do the same when you were younger, wouldn’t they?”

A soft thud was his reply, as Thorfinn jumped down from his perch to directly look at Askeladd.

“I could take the pain. The beatings themselves weren’t a problem. It was the fact that they could loose control of themselves so easily. That terrified me.”

Askeladd raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t know you could read people so well, that you would let them injure you to a point to work off some frustrations.”

Thorfinn snorted. “What, you expected them to take it lightly that I had unofficially joined their crew, and was better than most of them at a young age? They had to restrain me and it took several of them to successfully complete it before any of them would begin truly attacking me.”

“And today?”

“After I challenged you, I could tell that you were furious. And experience in the past has told me that warriors, who don’t release their frustrations as soon as possible, became even more violent and lost even more control of their rational thinking. So I did what was necessary.”

Askeladd turned to walk back to their camp. He had gotten all of the answers he needed.

“Just so you know, I don’t plan on loosing control like that again.” He said as he left Thorfinn to sit alone in his tree. He was not too far away to pick up a faint, “sure you won’t.” from Thorfinn, before he climbed back up to his perch on the tree.

Thorfinn looked down at the retreating figure of Askeladd. He knew that the half Welsh, half Dane man enjoyed being in control of his rational thoughts, and so it wasn’t likely that he would loose himself to the berserk spirit every warrior possessed anytime soon. However, once that state had been reached once, it was almost impossible to not want to feel that rush again. It was addicting, for all of terrifying experiences it brought.

Thorfinn rested his head against the trunk of the tree, starring into the clouds that spread across the sky. One day, he would kill Askeladd; he just didn’t know what to do with his life after it happened. Thorfinn grunted under his breathe; he would think about it when that time came. For now, he was content to continue to follow Askeladd just as he had been doing for the last ten years.


A.N. Wow, I didn’t expect to go through with this. It was a plot bunny that grew in my head after reading this scene in the manga, and it literally typed itself out. Hope it was a good first attempt at a Vinland Saga story.

29th-Apr-2010 11:59 pm - Writer's Block: Tolerance 101?
If you could create/select a new subject that had to be taught in high school, what would it be, and why?

If I could add a subject in high school, or in college, it would be Galafrayian History 101! Or anything about Doctor Who.
From the design to the features, what should the perfect kid-friendly laptop include? What would you leave out?
It should be extremely heavy so they can't carry it everywhere, have no internet access, and have educational games installed with some additional games that do not involve any major violence or gore. This way, the children will hate the laptop and not go on it unless they are extremely bored and it is raining outside. This can last until the kids are about 11, because they need to start using the computer for school at that age.
If the parents think that their kids can have internet access, they should have the option of putting sites which they approve, so those are the only sites that the computer can go to.

31st-Jul-2009 04:24 pm - Writer's Block: Birthday Shout-out
Happy birthday, J.K. Rowling! Which of her seven Harry Potter novels do you think is the most satisfying read?
My favorite was Half Blood Prince, if only because we get to view into Draco Malfoy's character more. He is one of my favorite characters in the entire series along with Hermione.
But, I hate the Ron/Hermione pairing and would actually prefer the Draco/Hermione pairing.

30th-Jul-2009 11:23 am - Chrono Crusade Fic- Reunited Brothers

Anyways, this takes place during the episode 9/10 of Rosette’s flashback of what happened to her brother Joshua. No, this story does not concern Rosette that much. Instead, I’m focusing on the relationship between Aion and Chrono, because those two can be nothing else but brothers. One stops time and one starts time. How much more obvious do you want to get? This is a humor fic, so don’t apply anything to the actual storyline.

Disclaimer: If I owned anything anime/manga related, none of the plots would have turned out the way they are now.


“Chrono!” Rosette’s voice shattered the pervious silence. “Chrono! Joshua’s done it! He decided to go with the Reverend!” Chrono looked up from the ground at Rosette’s slightly exerted face, which was holding back tears. He stood up and tenderly wrapped his arms around her.

“It’s alright. Everything will be fine.” He murmured as Rosette began to sob.

“No! it won’t! Joshua will go there and then he’ll change and won’t remember me at all or he’ll die and I won’t know! Either way, I’ll feel like dying!” Chrono sighed.

“Rosette, must you always dramatize things? Joshua will not forget you even if he tried. And the Reverend can’t keep you from each other so you can visit him.” He explained patiently. Rosette just continued to sob.

All of a sudden the peaceful starry lit night black sky was engulfed in a red haze. The two companions below looked in awe as the silver moon turned red and an eagle flew down to land on a branch of a tree that was not there before.

“Aion.” Chrono breathed softly. Rosette had stopped crying and was looking from the eagle to Chrono.

“The eagle is a demon? But it’s so cute!” Chrono smiled.

“I know isn’t he? I always told him that, but he would always get mad.” The eagle was now glaring at them with immense hatred as if he could understand the pair. Suddenly, the eagle had transformed into a youngish looking man with white hair and a pair of glasses on his face. Aion grinned as he surveyed the two idiots below him.

“Hello Chrono. It’s been a long time. I would like you to work for me again.” Random dramatic music followed his words and Aion smirked as he created tension.

“AION!” a loud scream was heard and Aion fell off of his branch as Chrono crashed into him for a hug.

“You left me for fifty years inside some old crypt thing! Why? I was lonely without anyone else there. Plus there was this weird lady inside of a box and she wouldn’t wake up!” Chrono babbled as he squeezed Aion.

“And then I meet these two nice kids, Rosette and Joshua. See here is Rosette and I don’t know where Joshua is right now but once I find him I’ll introduce you ok?” Aion grunted as he struggled to escape Chrono’s grasp. But it was impossible as the younger demon refused to even budge his arms an inch.

“Chrono, you foolish demon, let GO OF ME!” Aion shouted in vain.

“NEVER! You’ll leave me again, I know it!” Rosette watched the two demons struggle with a smile on her face. It was so cute.

“You are my older brother! You’re supposed to watch over me, remember?” Chrono reminded Aion.

“I didn’t forget. I was just….too busy to watch over you.” Aion fibbed. Truthfully, Chrono had been bugging him way too much so he decided to ground him somewhere. And then Aion had forgotten about Chrono and his grounding room for a few years. Alright, it was fifty years. Oh, how Aion hated the fact that demons grow extremely slow. In human terms, Aion would be considered about twenty three. Chrono on the other hand was born much later and was approximately about twelve or thirteen human terms old. A very needy teenager. The same demon teenager who would also never leave Aion a moment of rest whenever they were together. And the demon that accidently killed a thousand demons by having a tantrum and freezing all of the demons in time and then running over them in anger.

Aion would never say it out loud, but Chrono was indeed powerful, and a great asset to his side when fighting. The only problem was his annoyingness.

“Let go of me Chrono or I will ground you again.” Chrono reluctantly let go of his older brother and pouted as his brother stepped away from him.

“Back to business then.” Aion said, pushing up his glasses. “Chrono, would you come to work with me once again as a Sinner?” Chrono looked thoughtful.

“What’s in it for me?”

“What do you want?” Aion asked, surprised at the new thoughtful Chrono. Maybe he had finally grown up.

“A three layered chocolate cake.” Or maybe not.

“And why would I get that for you?” Aion snapped.

“Because you want me to help you and I like chocolate cake.”

“Chrono, we are not having this discussion again. No chocolate cake, especially with all of that sugar! You have the most horrible sugar rushes ever and you are already crazy enough without the extra sugar!” Chrono looked ready to start a tantrum.

“No, Chrono. How about if I give you your horns back?” Chrono blanched.

“Horns? I don’t want any horns! They make me look ugly!” Aion sighed.

“Fine, then I’m going and giving it to someone else.”

“Like who?” Chrono asked. Aion looked around and spotted Rosette.

“Hey you girl! Do you want power?” Rosette looked at the horns.

“But they will make me look terrible!” Aion sweat dropped. This kid was learning from Chrono, he was sure of it.

“Do you know anybody who might want extra power?” Aion questioned the orphan. Rosette scrunched her nose in thought.

“My brother Joshua, maybe.” Aion smiled.

“Great! Thanks for your help!” He then turned into an eagle again and got ready to take off.

“Catch him Chrono!” Small hands wrapped around the eagle’s torso and struggled to keep Aion the eagle down. All of a sudden, Rosette came up towards him with a cage that wasn’t there before.

“I want to keep him as a pet!” As the two struggled to put the transformed demon into the cage, (“Get in brother!”) Aion managed to squeeze his way to freedom. He then flew off into the distance, trying to find the orphanage to locate this Joshua kid.

“He got away!” Rosette pouted. “Now I’m going to hate him forever and ever with no reason even if he tries to help me in someway!”

“No! Brother got away again! He left me again!” Chrono mocked sobbed. “Next time I see him, I’m going to make him defenseless and then superglue him to my hand! Then he can never ran away from me!” Chrono started laughing in anticipation.

“Quick Rosette! Let’s go back to the orphanage to get my brother! And yours so he can help.” Rosette nodded and climbed in Chrono’s arms. He transformed into his older form with wings and took off into the sky. By the time they arrived at the orphanage, since Chrono was terrible at navigation, Aion had already taken Joshua and the entire orphanage had been frozen in time.

“NO!!!! My pet spider! It’s frozen too!” Rosette wailed. Chrono looked upset too.

“I can’t find any superglue.” he cried. Rosette stopped crying to look at Chrono.

“Let’s go to the Magdalan Order to get stronger so I can avenge my pet spider!”

“Why should I go?” Chrono asked. Rosette thought for a moment.

“They might have superglue.”

Four Years Later-

“And that’s the story of how I met Chrono, Aion, and lost Joshua.” Rosette told Azmaria as they walked around the abandoned orphanage inside a warehouse. Azmaria looked astonished.

“Wow, Rosette! I had no idea that you went through so much! And Aion and Chrono are brothers? What a twist!”

Chrono walked alongside the two girls and smiled sadly at them.

“I never found any superglue.”



How did you like it? I admit, probably not one of my best works, but what can one do? Please review to tell me what can be improved!


30th-Jul-2009 11:19 am - Saiyuki Fic- The Monkey King

There is a legend in the town near Mount Gogyo about a heretical creature that was bound by the gods in the mountain for 500 years. A creature born of the Earth with immense powers, enough to take down the mightiest of gods if angered. The name was passed down orally through out the village, a name that holds much fear in the hearts of these villagers. The Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Seiten Taisei Son Goku.

“Baka saru!” A red headed male in the back of the jeep exclaimed. “Who told you to eat all of the rations we had!”

“But Gojyo! I was hungry!” A brown haired boy shouted to the other. Compared to Gojyo, this young man looked to be about half his size.

“Well, now you can starve! And I don’t want to hear you complaining about how you are hungry until we reach the next town, got it?”

“Don’t tell me what to do, ero-kappa!”

“Goku, Gojyo. Please stop arguing. We’ll be at the next town in a few hours.” the brown haired man wearing green who was driving the jeep said.

“But Hakkai! I don’t have to listen to ero-kappa, do I?” Goku whined. Gojyo looked pissed as he glared at the younger demon sitting next to him.

“My name is not ero-kappa, you baka saru!”

“Well don’t call me baka saru, then!” The two in the back of the jeep were standing up a starting to physically fight each other when three bullet shots rang out.

“Will you two morons shut up and sit down before I make Swiss cheese out of both of you!” The last member of their party, a blonde, was dressed in a monk’s garb, and he was a monk. One of the highest monk positions anyone has known, a Sanzo priest. Holder of one of the five heaven and hell scriptures, the Maten scripture, Priest Genjyo Sanzo was everything a priest shouldn’t be. He was a chain smoker, enjoyed cussing, loved violence, and hated everything to do with Gods. Especially one Merciful Goddess who would come and annoy him from time to time. And kept claiming that Sanzo was her nephew in a past life. Sanzo wanted to shoot her every time she came to visit, but unfortunately, or fortunately depending how you look at it, his bullets didn’t have any effect on divine beings.

The two wild demons in the back were fighting again, and it was getting pretty violent. Gojyo had Goku in a headlock and was repeatedly punching his head (not to hard) while Goku was clawing at Gojyo’s chest and growling to let go of him. All of a sudden, Hakkai drove over a bump and both Goku and Gojyo were thrown forward and then back as the road evened out. When everybody was sitting down again, Gojyo looked down at an item that was accidentally in his hands then at a groaning Goku.

“Uh, oh.” Gojyo muttered.

“What’s wrong, Gojyo? Is everything alright back there?” Hakkai asked.

“Um, well. We may have a slight problem.”

“What’s that, dumb ass?” Sanzo grunted through a cigarette.

“Goku’s diadem came off.”

The jeep suddenly stopped in the middle of the road, Three heads were all turned to look at their youngest, and oldest, member of their group. Goku’s golden diadem was way more than a fashion accessory, it was a demon power limiter made by the gods, to restrain his true form, Seiten Taisei. Goku’s body was flashing through a collage of color as his power from the earth grew exponentially. A few moments later, Goku’s hair had grown longer, his pupils had narrowed and he had a creepy smile on his smile.

Seiten Taisei turned to look at the three companions that his aibou traveled with. Surprisingly, all three of them were still in the car, not moving, just staring at him. If he could, he would have sweat dropped at this.

“You guys are idiots.”

The blonde, red head, and brunette all stared in shock at the Monkey King.

“I mean, here you all are. Knowing that I’m dangerous and still in a close range. Honestly, how do you expect to survive all the way to India?” Seiten Taisei’s voice was rough a gravelly, kind of like an earth sound.

“AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! It speaks! The demon speaks!” Gojyo screamed. Now everyone was staring at the half-demon.

“What? It loosened the tension.” Gojyo defended himself. Seiten looked at him like Gojyo was an idiot, wait; he was an idiot.

“Why are you not attacking?” Hakkai questioned. “Aren’t you usually in a blood rage so that you attack everybody surrounding you?” Seiten shook his head sadly, well it seemed sad, but he was still smiling.
”Demon, half-demon, and corrupted monk. I am the Great Sage Equaling Heaven Seiten Taisei Son Goku. Does that not strike a bell in anyone?”

“That you are supposed to be smart?” Sanzo said.

“…It means that I have control. Otherwise I would be known as Great Monster Equaling Heaven, don’t you think?”

“Well, then why do you attack everyone when you’re free?” Gojyo asked.

“If you were looked away for 500 hundred years in a stone cage with nothing to do but view memories that your other half has forgotten without even getting a chance to stretch your legs once said other half is free of the cage, what you do? Besides that golden diadem gives me a headache.”

“Are you telling us that you blindly attacked anyone earlier because you were bored?” Hakkai asked. Seiten nodded.

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you. You could have asked my aibou, you know.”

Sanzo interrupted. “Wait, you mean that the baka saru knew about you being bored the whole time? And he didn’t tell us?”

“You never asked.”

“But was he so afraid whenever you would come out?” Hakkai wondered.

“Because he wanted to do things on his own strength. We’ve separated for so long, that he now has his own power to use, and I have mine. He has his own skills and I have the power from the Earth. So technically, the gods unknowingly made us stronger.”

“So does that mean that you can come out without trying to kill us?” Gojyo demanded to know.

“I always could, but I didn’t want to. Fighting without actually looking at an opponent is so exhilarating. It makes it a challenge.”

“Wait, the first time the diadem shattered, in the desert and with Homura, you were fighting with your eyes closed? But that’s almost impossible to do!” Hakkai exclaimed. Seiten glared at him.

“We just had the conversation where I am a Great Sage and all of that. Do I have to go over that again?” Sanzo exhaled smoke from his cigarette.

“No. Now if everybody can shut up, we can get back on the road and to the next town.” The three demonic beings slightly shook their heads at the corrupted monk’s behavior.

“Very well.” Hakkai said, revving up Hakuryuu. Gojyo glanced at the Monkey King, again.

“So are you going to be out from now on?” Seiten shook his head.

“No, I will go back, but I don’t need the diadem anymore.” He looked at Sanzo. “So you can stop grabbing my head! And I will come out when I feel like it. And my aibou does know of what happened, I won’t seal away his memories anymore, except for the whole god thing.”

“You can withhold your own power? How?” Sanzo grunted.

“Did I not just explain that Goku and I have two separate sources of power?”

“What did happen with the gods that you had to be sealed away for 500 years?” Hakkai asked.

“Basically, all three of you were gods in your own stations and shit happened. And I might have killed a few gods here and there.”

“Well, that actually seems very plausible.” Hakkai said, smiling.

“Yeah, yeah. Now I’m going back, don’t wake up Goku unless you want to be annoyed.” Seiten Taisei’s body glowed golden, the hair shortened, the pupils went back to normal and the ears rounded like a humans. Goku slumped forward in his seat unconscious as the power from the earth was suddenly cut off from his body.

The three other passengers looked at Goku, and then looked up at each other.

“Well that was interesting.” Hakkai said smiling.

“What a bunch of crap.” Sanzo muttered. Gojyo leaned towards the front seats of the jeep to talk to Hakkai and Sanzo.

“Did anyone else notice that the saru was smiling the entire time he was talking to us?”

“Only you would notice that, Gojyo!” Hakkai chuckled.

“I’m serious! It was creepy! How do you guys do that Hakkai? You hardly ever stop smiling either!”

Gojyo continued complaining about the mysterious Great Sage Equaling Heaven Seiten Taisei Son Goku and how he was hurt for no real reason apparently and how he was going to murder the baka saru once he woke up.

The red headed half-demon’s voice was carried in the wind as the four companions headed out into the sunset in their trademark jeep.


How did you like it? Was it any good? Hopefully I stayed in character throughout the fic, and if I didn’t, I’m sorry!


Aibou- for those who don’t know it means partner in Japanese.

Saru- monkey

Seiten Taisei- According to the anime, it means Great Sage Equaling Heaven, but I’m not entirely sure.

Ero-kappa= perverted water sprite. Again this is from the anime, but I’m pretty sure that is a literal translation.

How has technology impacted the quality time you spend with your family?
It has made me isolated from my family as I spend most of my time on my laptop in my room. I don't enjoy talking to people as much as I would rather text or email them.
11th-Apr-2009 03:25 pm - Writer's Block: Confidences
Who do you think it is easier to talk about your problems with: your friends, your family, or strangers?
None. I hate talking about my problems to anybody. I'm just not comfortable in doing so. Random complains, like having a cramp I will say sometimes, but other times, no.
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